To understand your business operations and help identify areas of R&D, our process always initiates with a visit of your facility and operations. By doing this, we can help physically point out within your working environment areas where potential R&D may lie and how you can identify them.

Upon establishing qualitative research and development activities, TMC Inc. will propose and aid in the development and implementation of applicable documentation that is relevant to substantiate the claim both technically and financially with minimal effort. Documentation strategies will be tailored to specific projects within your company so they can easily become an integral part of your everyday administrative functions. i.e. daily notes, tracking sheets, test results, CAD or paper drawings, meeting minutes, production logs, etc.

Project description and financial detail packages are diligently prepared to layout pertinent costing information and technical details in a format that is simply transposed to tax forms by your accounting firm. These efforts have and continue to build strong working relationships between TMC Inc. and accounting firms to provide you, the client the greatest benefit.

Post filing of your claims with your corporate tax return, TMC Inc. will direct correspondence between taxpayer and government, direct claims through most efficient paths and assist in preparation as well as being present for all technical and/or financial reviews if need be. TMC Inc. will act on behalf of clients if objections or appeals are necessary.

Services to our clients cost nothing if claims are found ineligible; our fees are only obtained when costs are accepted and credits are received.

Business and Customer Networking

With a vast clientele base of innovative businesses spread across many different industries throughout the USA and Canada, TMC Inc. takes great pride in creating business opportunities. When applicable, we will provide introduction opportunities of different companies and industries, helping products, processes and services proceed from ideas and early development stages, to manufacturing, products, transportation and marketing.

As a result of our own experience with internal inventions and the involvement with clientele product and process developments, TMC Inc. offers assistance in guiding businesses through the comprehensive copyright and patent protection application processes.

Government Funding Application Preparation

Technical Management Consultants Inc. has been assisting companies in streamlining the SR&ED claim process for over 15 years. We are happy to further assist your company in preparation and submission of all required documentation for available Government funding which includes writing business plans and cases, executive summaries, and more. We are committed to providing your company with the highest level of customer satisfaction possible by presenting opportunities to receive additional Government funding.